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Where taking the trail less traveled is in our nature. 
Where you can make your mark, without leaving a trace. 
Where old school meets new adventures.

No matter where your extra mile takes you,

Old Gambler is there to fuel you for what’s next… 
So you can go all in.

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born and braised in austin, texas

Here in Austin, we all suffer from a common ailment known as “Home Town Pride.” Spend a few days getting lost with the locals, and it’s clear that not only do we like it here, we like things from here. Be it award-winning BBQ,

world-renowned spirits, or heck, beef jerky. 


We searched high and low and couldn’t find a jerky that was made here in Austin from Angus beef, simply seasoned, and gluten-free. So we made it ourselves, and we took it back to the basics. Back to the wild. Back from anyone trying to make jerky something it ain’t. Just meat, heat, and some simple seasoning. Whatever your extra mile looks like, Old Gambler is there to fuel you for what’s next, so you can go all in. 



meat & heat

The tradition of jerky goes way back, from before ‘snacks’ were even a thing. And while a lot has changed since the days it was enjoyed, the best method for making it hasn’t. Old Gambler believes in sticking to the basics: meat and heat. The result is a beef jerky that takes you back. Back to campfires and starry nights. Back to the thrill of exploring frontiers. And back to the days when choosing a snack didn’t require reading a nutrition label. 

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