The OG Posse are jerky-loving, adventure seekers exploring that great wide open. 

Posse members also get exclusive access to limited-edition merchandise and special offers.


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To keep y’all running at your best, we made The Re-Up, a monthly subscription service for OG jerky.


Sign up and each month we’ll send you fuel for that fire in your belly and wanderlust in your heart.

Ante up as a Wanderer, Nomad, or Ranger and get the monthly re-up that fits your spirit.

Git 'yer Re-Up

The OG Re-Up


What you get

Ante Up

In addition to your monthly stash of jerky, you'll receive Old Gambler merchandise, like postcards, stickers, apparel and more.


Need more convincin'? Every fourth month of your Re-Up comes with limited-edition merchandise like enamel camping mugs, branded pocket knives, and other snazzy gear. 

Keepin’ you outfitted IN THREE SIZES

3 Bags
Fuel your soul searchin’ with 3, 3-oz bags of OG delivered to your door each month.
6 bags

Get lost in the wilds with 6, 3-oz bags of OG delivered to your yurt each month.

12 bags
Tackle the backcountry with 12, 3-oz. bags of OG delivered monthly to your current outpost.

Questions? Holler at us.

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